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Poll Competition

Congratulations to TreeHugger who has won 1000 MyView points for the poll, 'Do you eat ice cream all year round?' which had the most votes in September!

Charlotte Reynolds and Tara Brown have each won 500 points as runner ups in our poll competition asking the questions 'Do you get allergies this time of year?' and 'What's your fav colour?'
There are some great polls up! Have you created one yet?


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November Special

Get a $10 GiftPax voucher with every GiftPax redemption!

If you redeem your MyView points for a GiftPax voucher during the month of November you will receive an additional $10 GiftPax voucher at the end of the month.


QuickFish results

Wow! MyViewers, like Rosco, really like to travel - see the results of August's QuickFish here.



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